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About Dorothy
the backstory –––––

I had my first epiphany with art when I was 19 years old, standing in awe beneath Michaelangelo’s 17-foot sculpture of “David” in Florence. The presence of the sculpture was so powerful, I was transformed by it. I subsequently traveled to the Louvre, the Prado and the Stedelijk Museums. I was completely enthralled. At the end of that year, I decided to make my life about Art, personally and professionally. It was the best and most defining decision I have ever made.

My gift in art is not in making it, although my early attempts to do so taught me much about technique, process, content and problem-solving. My ability lies in educating, curating and communicating the unique quality of the work. The great reward is in living with and learning from the work itself, allowing it to enrich one’s life visually and intellectually.

about dorothy –––––

I established Dorothy Goldeen Art Advisory in 1996 following twenty-three years as a gallery owner and director in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I specialize in advising private collectors in building their collections of modern and contemporary art.

My professional career began in 1973 in San Francisco with the Hansen Fuller Gallery which later became Fuller Goldeen Gallery. The Gallery grew from a small, regional concern to one of the most recognized contemporary art galleries outside of New York City. It brought to prominence many of the strongest talents in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Robert Arneson, Roy De Forest and William T. Wiley. The gallery gave the first Northern California exhibitions to important artists such as Lynda Benglis, Chris Burden and Ed Ruscha, among others.

In 1987, I relocated to Los Angeles and opened the Dorothy Goldeen Gallery. The exhibition program included internationally renowned artists such as Nam June Paik and Magdalena Abakanovicz. I was pleased to give acclaimed Brazilian artist, Beatriz Milhazes, her first show in the United States. I pioneered the early careers of many artists such as Jennifer Steinkamp and Diana Thater, who have subsequently achieved widespread critical recognition.

I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley where I majored in sculpture and textile design. Over the years I have built numerous private collections, mounted more than 200 exhibitions of contemporary art and established working relationships with hundreds of artists, collectors and art world professionals. Based in Santa Monica, California, I travel extensively to source artwork. From Beijing to Dubai, throughout the U.S. and Europe, I maintain broad exposure to the constantly evolving art scene to gain knowledge and to better serve my clients.